Tuesday 6th Sept 2022

The Star Inn

Quarry Street, Guildford, Surrey, GU1 3TY

Tickets £9 from ticketweb (Buy a ticket to this show and bring a friend for free!)

Doors 7.45pm


All style, all substance. Jools showcase a glamorous and powerful aesthetic that challenges what it means to be punk. A 7-piece band formed in Leicester, UK with a message as strong as their look.

Jools is a tool for expression, celebration and education, conveyed by visceral and thoughtful lyricism. Their flamboyancy and confident conviction invites audiences to admire the beauty in diversity and to challenge the problematic power structures in the world around them

Music Venue Trust & The National Lottery's Revive Live Tour
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Age 18+

JOOLS - How Can Someone Experience What Pride Is Without Liberation For All? 
JOOLS - Hysterical Starving Naked
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